the freedom complex

What is art?

How do you define... time, space, freedom, slavery... 

We are all prisoners, slaves, whether mental, physical or spiritual. During this new age, a time of rebirth, liberation, love, transcendence... we must all realize the limitless nature of mankind. Serenity may be found, but only for those who truly see their place in space.

... breathe.

"You can judge a society by how well it treats its prisoners." – Dostoevsky

*All photographs are digital self / soulmate portraits captured in solitude with natural light. Many are composites of landscapes & cloudscapes, intended to move the mind beyond the material plane, suggesting a surreal reality between realms, worlds, words, ideals, or planes of existence.

Please email me [] for available sizes, options, and editions. 40x60 is the average size

*All images are exclusive property of Elsa Marie Keefe

October 9, 1990 / Stoneham, MA, USA / 5:55 pm


PROJECTS [ongoing work & proposals]


MINDSCAPE ("Mindscape of Disorder") [email Carolyn Koleszar / see "people" section for details on book release & exhibition dates / locations]








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EXHIBITIONS (old --> NYC / please contact for recent & upcoming shows)

Transformental / October 2015 / performance art, video, live music, dance, moving meditation 

Freedom / September 2015 / video - short film - large projection in public art space near Times Square - chashama 


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New York City - Chashama...

Miami - Art Basel, Lemon City Studios... 



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